Sanleng Police Cloud-Safe City Social Public Security System is based on the development strategy of strong police, using cloud computing, video networking, big data, video intelligent analysis, GIS, GPS, 4G, digital clusters and other cutting-edge technologies. The top-level design of actual combat and service to the public, as well as a high degree of police information sharing mechanism, system strength integration mechanism, application in-depth analysis mechanism, etc., build a smart, open, and humanized public security information application system to realize public security policing Work is modernized, intelligent, process-oriented, and visualized.

Sanleng Police Cloud includes public security management, city management, traffic management, and emergency command. It also takes into account disaster early warning and safety monitoring, while taking into account the integrated linkage of alarms, access control management systems and broadcasting systems.

In terms of system architecture, it mainly includes car-related big data platform, public security portrait big data platform, public security video detection platform, inter-departmental information sharing and service platform, video network sharing platform, mobile police application platform, intelligence information research and judgment system, intrusion alarm System, entrance and exit control system, electronic patrol system, parking lot management system, etc.

● Car-related big data platform

The car-related big data platform is an analysis and judgment system based on internationally excellent deep learning and big data mining technologies, which converts massive amounts of unstructured data such as videos and images into full-information structured data, and conducts in-depth data mining on it.

The system breaks the traditional limitation that the detection and recognition of vehicles is limited to the license plate number, can automatically identify more than a dozen characteristic information of the vehicle, and upgrade the traditional "finding a car by the license plate" mode to the "finding a car by the car" mode, which solves the problem of using Fake license plates, unlicensed license plates, or concealed and defaced license plates are currently widespread problems in car-related cases, which provide a complete solution for the management and control of vehicle violation cases.

The system functions include five major functional systems: vehicle information structuring, vehicle intelligent retrieval, vehicle investigation and control, vehicle big data analysis and judgment, and vehicle search by image.

The second-generation resident ID card photo control, identification is less demanding on the face database than compared to the ID photos of a few years ago or even 10 years ago, which is more conducive to public security law enforcement and case solving.

According to the special customization of public security department control stations (passenger stations, customs, checkpoints, etc.), a visual management map is established for the deployment control sites to take the overall situation.

● Public security portrait big data platform

The system platform is oriented by the image detection business process and based on intelligent face recognition and analysis technology. It retrieves, compares, recognizes, judges, and analyzes the faces/portraits in the mass video information of the public security system through a series of practical applications. The tactics of graphic investigation techniques, the control and prevention of key personnel, key groups, and key places, help investigators quickly and accurately locate clues in massive video data, thereby shortening the time for case detection and improving the efficiency of case detection.

● Public security video detection platform

The video investigation platform is a professional video investigation application platform developed for large-scale, multi-person, and cross-police case business. In addition to complete intelligent analysis functions such as condensed abstracts, retrieval, and clarification, the platform also covers the completeness of case task distribution, police officer management, case process control, information exchange and sharing, rapid notification coordination, and data statistics summary. Function to provide a systematic business system for the construction of professional surveillance teams.

The four core functions of the system: video concentration, video search, video enhancement, and image clarity.

● Inter-departmental information sharing and service platform

The platform is a computer software and hardware system that realizes two-way information exchange, access and sharing applications between public security agencies and other government agencies, political and legal agencies, and related social institutions. It is an application channel for public security information resources to be safely shared with the outside world.

● Video network sharing platform

The video surveillance network sharing platform turns traditional video surveillance into network surveillance, and its functions are as follows:

⊙Cross-regional networking, multi-level cascade

The platform can achieve at least 4 levels of cascading, including police stations, districts and counties, municipal bureaus and provincial departments. At the same time, the platform can implement data ferrying through standard protocols, transitioning from a video private network to a public security intranet.

⊙Multi-system integration, one network management and control

The platform integrates intelligent traffic management systems, mobile on-board police systems, intelligent identification and analysis algorithms, and integrates access to social resources to realize the sharing of video images. At the same time, the system integrates the geographic information system for public security and police to realize the alarm linkage with the three-in-one system, the alarm linkage of the motor vehicle investigation and control platform and the docking of the police integrated platform, video inspection platform, and video conference platform to achieve multi-system integration. Sharing, one-network management and control.

⊙Video image information library

The video image information database realizes the storage and backup of major cases, difficult cases, fire accidents and other scene images, as well as key parts, important security activities and other monitoring image information, and provides data resources for functions such as intelligence analysis and judgment, image retrieval, etc.

The video image information database provides the feature extraction and integration of video resources, provides intelligent analysis services of video image information, and realizes intelligent retrieval, sharing and exchange of video image resources. Intelligent analysis services include: object recognition, behavior recognition, video marking, enrichment, classification, etc.

Video image database is mainly divided into case information database, image information database, and video information database. Store the audio, video, and image files related to the case in the image library according to the case name, store the condensed video in the condensed video library, and store the original video in the original video library.

⊙Search by image

Searching for pictures by pictures is based on the video network sharing and video image information database. The platform provides an intelligent retrieval function. This function will greatly shorten the time for the public security organs to obtain evidence after the event and search for clues, and truly achieve the effect of "finding a needle in a haystack".

● Intelligence Information Research and Judgment System

The system takes public security data as the core, sorts out the large amount of information data that has been mastered, and mines the association rules between the data, helping public security personnel to further grasp the case-related information and speed up the speed of solving the case.