Core competitiveness

Solid customer base

After two decades of development, the business covers most provinces in China. High-quality products and services have enabled the company to accumulate a large number of high-quality customer resources. These existing customers continue to contribute to the company's business through after-sales maintenance, upgrades, information provision, and introduction of new customers.

22 branches and offices across the country can fully cover the domestic market. The branch company adopts the management strategy of centralized management and market localization, and penetrates into the local market, which provides an important supporting role for the company's products and services to spread across the country.

On the basis of the success of early overseas projects, we have established a continuous tracking and feedback mechanism for overseas projects, able to capture overseas market opportunities in time, focusing on the markets of Central Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas, and achieve a global layout in business models.

Strong research and development capabilities

  • R & D strength
  • Deep accumulation
  • Resource Grafting
R & D strength
Four Provincial Centers:
Jiangsu Software Enterprise Technology Center
Jiangsu Transportation Video Information Intelligent Analysis System Engineering Technology Research Center
Jiangsu Social Public Security Technology Collaborative Innovation Center
Jiangsu Province Software New Technology and Industrialization Collaborative Innovation Center
Four major industry R&D centers:
Environmental Protection and New Energy Research Center, AI and Industrial IoT Research Center, Smart City Research Institute Asia Research and Development Center, Delta Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute;
Two international R&D centers:
Frankfurt R&D center in Germany, North America (Silicon Valley, USA) R&D center.
Deep accumulation
The National Torch Program has 1 product, 25 software products, 10 high-tech products, 7 invention patents, 17 utility model patents, 2 appearance designs, and more than 80 software copyrights.
Resource Grafting
It has established close cooperative relations with Tsinghua University, Peking University, Beijing Jiaotong University, Nanjing University, Shandong University, Southeast University and North American Silicon Valley. A postgraduate workstation was established in cooperation with Nanjing Post University.

Perfect solution

After long-term development, Sanleng has covered six major fields.

Complete qualification

  • 13 national professional qualifications
    5 Professional Class A, 3 Class 2 Qualifications, 2 Class B Industry Qualifications
    Intelligent Building System Design Qualification Grade A Electronic and intelligent professional contracting qualification
    Construction Electrical and Mechanical Installation Engineering Professional Contracting Qualification Level 1
    Highway Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (Mechanical Engineering of Highways) Secondary
    Information System Integration and Service Qualification Level 2
    Confidential Information System Integration Qualification (System Integration, Security Monitoring) Class B
    Firefighting Facilities Engineering Professional Contracting Qualification Level 1
    Urban and road lighting engineering professional contracting qualification
    Waterproof anti-corrosion and insulation engineering professional contracting qualification
    Environmental protection engineering professional contracting qualification level
    Building Decoration Engineering Professional Contracting Qualification Level 2
    Communication Information Network System Integration Enterprise Class B
    Security engineering enterprise design and construction maintenance ability certificate level
    Building intelligent equipment maintenance and installation qualification
    Audio Engineering Integrated Technology Qualification Level 1
    Exhibition engineering qualification level
    Five grades of professional stage design, installation and commissioning qualification certificates
    Audio and video system engineering enterprise qualification level
  • Provincial and Municipal Access Registration
    Beijing, Hunan, Zhejiang, Hebei, and many other provinces and cities for the record

    Honors and Awards
    Jiangsu Provincial Installation Project Quality Award (Su’an Cup), 2011 Service Industry Development Advanced Unit, Suzhou Famous Brand Product (Service) Title, “Jiangsu Province Famous Brand Enterprise” Title, “Smart City Field Leader Award”

    AAA credit business

    Many industry organizations are important members
    Vice President Unit of China Smart City Industry Alliance
    China LoRa Application Alliance Member Companies
    Director of Jiangsu Software Industry Association Council
    Smart Pipeline Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance Member Unit
    Jiangsu Big Data Alliance Member
    Deputy Director of Intelligent Fire Electronic Professional Committee of Jiangsu Installation Industry Association
    China Safety and Security Products Industry Association
    China Exhibition Center Association
    Jiangsu Province Fire Protection Association
    Director of Nanjing Rail Transport Industry Association
    Kunshan City Electronic Information Service and IC Industry Association