strategic cooperation
Market Expectation
Smart city is the inevitable choice for the development of China's new urbanization. Its construction is a very large system project. There are a large number of upstream and downstream relationships in the industry chain, and the overall market is huge. It is predicted that the market size of smart cities in China will reach 7.9 trillion RMB by 2018, and the average annual compound growth rate will be 33.38% in the next five years (2018-2022), and 25 trillion RMB by 2022.
Strategic cooperation
In order to better promote the construction and development of smart cities, and popularize advanced solutions and products, such as smart transportation, smart security and smart buildings, and smart fire protection, Sanleng Group has launched a "strategic partnership program" on a global scale to integrate its Advantageous resources, Thus, it can deliver a more perfect solution and better implementation services..
Concept of cooperation: Sanleng adheres the concept of “being professional, creating leading value”, and aims to achieve win-win results with partners, and actively implement the channel strategy of cooperation, openness and win-win.
Management support
  • Management support
    Provide standardized support and guidance based on marketing, implementation services, operation management, etc., to help partners improve their overall business capabilities.
  • Market support
    Provide technical and service support for various marketing campaign, such as news…etc.
  • Technical and service support
    Provide professional technical support and business cooperation, zealously cooperate with partners for business development.
  • Brand support
    Strategic Partners have the authority of using Sanleng Logo and credentials.
Application for cooperation